How to get information about Wi-Fi clients on a Keenetic router?

Information on devices connected via Wi-Fi can be viewed in the web interface on the 'Device lists' page.


In this table, you can get the following information (using the third device on the list as an example):

  • Network name of the connected device (dreame-vacuum-p2009);
  • MAC address (b8:4d:43:9c:e4:01);
  • The IP address assigned to the connected device (;
  • Network segment to which the device is connected (Home segment / Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz);
  • Signal strength in relative value (as a graphical scale);
  • Current channel speed of the connection (150 Mbit/s);
  • Connection standard (IEEE 802.11n);
  • Wi-Fi module configuration (1x1 / 1Tx1R);
  • Width of the channel used (40 MHz).

Additional and more detailed information is available via the router's command-line interface (CLI). To get it, run the command:

(config)> show associations
For example:

(config)> show associations


mac: b8:4d:43:9c:e4:01 (MAC address)
ap: WifiMaster0/AccessPoint0 (access point to which the client is connected; WifiMaster0/AccessPoint0 is the 2.4 GHz network, WifiMaster0/AccessPoint1 is the 2.4 GHz Guest network, WifiMaster1/AccessPoint0 is the 5 GHz network)
authenticated: yes
txrate: 135 (channel rate)
rxrate: 150
uptime: 153 (connection time in seconds)
txbytes: 5124
rxbytes: 4329
ht: 40 (channel width)
mode: 11n (Wi-Fi standard; IEEE 802.11n)
gi: 800 (guard interval)
rssi: -53 (signal strength; a measure of the received signal strength; the higher the number, or the less negative it is, the stronger the signal; for more information, see How do I check the signal strength and wireless coverage of my Wi-Fi router?)
mcs: 7 (modulation index and coding scheme)
txss: 1 (spatial stream)
_11n: k
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