KeeneticOS recovery

If your router doesn't boot up, its Status LED blinks constantly, the device reboots cyclically, the built-in network switch or Wi-Fi module stops working, there may be a router's OS failure. Try using the Keenetic Recovery Utility to restore the device by yourself.

This utility is designed to work on Windows computers and supports the latest Keenetic models:

  • KN-1010
  • KN-1110, KN-1111
  • KN-1210, KN-1211
  • KN-1610, KN-1611
  • KN-1710, KN-1711
  • KN-1810
  • KN-1910
  • KN-2110, KN-2111
  • KN-2210
  • KN-2310
  • KN-2410
  • KN-2610
  • KN-3010

Download the Keenetic Recovery Utility specific to your model (the exact model name can be found on the case's back label). The utility can be downloaded from the Download Center.

NOTE: Important! For the utility to work correctly, you must temporarily disable Windows Firewall and any antivirus software on your computer while the KeeneticOS is being restored, as they can block the program's operation. For example, in Windows 10, go to 'Control Panel' > 'System and Security' > 'Windows Defender Firewall', click 'Turn off Windows Defender Firewall' and disable the firewall:


To run the utility, first, unzip the zip archive and then run the krutil.exe file.


Follow the steps below:

1. Switch off the router and disconnect all network cables from it.
2. Connect your computer with an Ethernet cable to one of the 'Home Network' ports on the router.
3. Press the 'Reset' button on the router and turn on the router's power while holding it down.
4. Release the 'Reset' button when the 'Status' LED on the router starts blinking.

The recovery process will start automatically after a few seconds.




If for some reason you are unable to perform a system restore using the utility, you can try another method presented in the article KeeneticOS recovery (for advanced users).

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