Download files for Keenetic Ultra (KN-1810)

Upgrading Keenetic Operating System

There is no need to download firmware files for your Keenetic router. If you already run Keenetic connected to the Internet, upgrading to the latest version of the operating system can be done automatically by enabling Automatic software updates in the General Settings menu. In this case, you don't have to lift a finger to be sure that your Keenetic is always up to date and secure. The operating system will update itself accordingly even if you have a custom set of components and applications installed. The manual upgrade is also possible by clicking on Install the update in the General Settings menu of the WEB interface.

User Guides, Reference Materials

  • Quick Start Guide for Keenetic Ultra (KN-1810) in English.
    This guide covers initial setup and essential recommendations for the home users.
  • Command Reference Guide for Keenetic Ultra (KN-1810) in English.
    Covers Command Line Interface (CLI) which allows configuration of the Keenetic using text commands. This guide provides a complete listing of all possible commands, information on the relationships between the commands and the background of how to use them. The Command Line Interface is preferred tool for advanced users, as it provides more concise and compelling means to control the Keenetic.

Before using the utility, be sure to read the article 'Recovery KeeneticOS'


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