Work schedule for network clients

Schedules allow you to control not only Internet access but also home network clients. You can permit or deny Internet access to individual devices on a scheduled basis. Scheduling can be used as parental control to restrict children's daily Internet usage (e.g., prohibiting weekday access from 09:00 to 19:00 when parents are at work).

NOTE: Important! A schedule can only be set for a client registered in your home network.
The 'Schedule' parameter will be missing if 'Connetion policy' is set to 'No Internet access'.

Let's take an example of when you need to allow Internet access for a certain client device only on weekdays (MonFri) from 9:00 to 17:00. The rest of the time, access to the Internet will be closed.

Go to the 'Client Lists' page. Check that the client device is registered in the router; otherwise, register it. The device must be in the 'Registered Clients' list.
Then, click on it in the list. A window with settings will appear, where in the 'Schedule' field, select an already created schedule or click 'Add schedule' to create a new one.


When creating a new schedule, specify a name in the 'Schedule name' field (e.g. PC-1).
Next, select the areas corresponding to the work time, and leave the non-working hours unpainted (for example, from MonFri 9:00 to 17:00).



NOTE: Important! The schedule depends directly on the current time, which is set in the router. Ensure that on the 'General System Settings' page in the 'System Settings' section, the 'Set the time automatically' option is enabled and 'Time zone' is selected correctly. You can see the current time on the 'System Dashboard' page in the 'About the System' section.

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