Saving the startup-config configuration file

User configuration (setup) in Keenetic routers is stored in the form of a system file. It can be copied to any drive or written into the router. This is convenient for backing up or restoring working settings, for setting the same type of parameters on a large number of devices, etc.

TIP: Tip: Once you have set up the Keenetic router and made sure it is working properly, we recommend that you back up your configuration file. Further on, you can easily change the settings of the router and, if necessary, return to the previous working settings.

When you change the default settings, a 'startup-config' file is created in the router that contains the user settings. This is a text configuration file with custom settings that is executed when you start the router.

To save the startup-config file, go to the 'General system settings' page. The 'System files' section provides files to manage and monitor your Keenetic.


Click on 'startup-config' and then 'Save to computer'. The file will be downloaded by the web browser. If necessary, specify the location (the folder to which the file will be saved) and press 'Save' or 'OK'.

You can open the startup-config.txt configuration file for viewing or editing in any text editor.

NOTE: Important! The Keenetic router uses its own startup-config configuration file in each mode (Main, Adapter, Repeater/Extender, Access Point/Extender).


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