Apple network (shared access to files)

Keenetic routers support the AFP (Apple File Protocol) protocol. This allows you to access files on a USB drive from the Mac OS X operating system.

To configure the server, be sure to install the 'File sharing (Apple File Protocol and Time Machine)' component. You can do this on the 'General system settings' page in the 'Updates and Component options' section by clicking on 'Component options'.


Then go to the 'Applications' page. Here you will see the 'Apple network' panel. Click the 'Apple Network' link to set up a file server and share it


In the 'Basic settings' section, enable the 'Auto-mount new USB drives' option. This means that the connected drive will be automatically added to the system.
In the 'Server name' field, you can change the name that will be used to identify the router in the local network.
To set up and add a shared folder, click 'Add shared resource'. A window will be opened with a built-in file browser, where you need to specify a folder on the USB drive that will be shared, and then click 'Select'.
The 'Shared resource name' field will be automatically set to the shared folder name, but you can change the name if you like.


In the 'Users' section, select the users you want to allow access to the USB drive files or create user accounts with access rights to the drives by clicking 'Add User'. For more information about restricting user access rights to folders, see 'Folder permission control on a USB drive'.

If necessary, you can enable the 'Anonymous access' option. In this case, all users on the local network will have full access rights without authorization.

After configuring the Apple network, set the switch to the 'Enabled' state.


Then go to the Mac OS settings.
From the top row, select 'Go' and then 'Connect to Server'.


In the window that opens, enter the local network address of the Keenetic router in the 'Server Address' field, and click 'Connect'. The address format is afp://ip (in our example it is afp://


Enter the name and password of the Keenetic account that you want to grant access, and click 'Connect'.


Once connected, the Finder File Manager window will open, where you will see the connected share with the name previously specified in the router.


If necessary, you can use the Time Machine network backup feature for Apple computers running Mac OS X 10.5 or later. For more information on setting up, see 'Time Machine backup support'.


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