Host traffic monitor

The Host traffic monitor feature allows you to monitor the traffic consumption of registered devices (local traffic is not counted) for the last 24 hours. The graph shows the Top 5 traffic consumers in the selected time interval (3 min / 1 hour / 3 hours / 1 day). Clear statistics can be useful for simple monitoring of device activity and traffic amounts, as well as bandwidth allocation or specific restrictions.

The graph is available in the web interface on the 'Host traffic monitor' page.

To display traffic statistics on the graph, you have to register the device in your home network in advance.



Additional tabs can be added to display the traffic of a specified device.




Since KeeneticOS 3.4.1, Host traffic monitor counts multicast and unregistered device traffic.


Multicast is group communication when the recipient of network packets is a group of devices (traffic destined to subnet The most typical example is the IPTV traffic. Also, many modern services use multicast (e.g. DLNA with SSDP, UPnP, IGMP etc.).

Unregistered devices traffic is the total traffic of all unregistered devices.

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