Warranty and support period for Keenetic models

The warranty period for all Keenetic devices is 3 years from the original date of purchase.

TIP: Feature and security upgrades (releases of KeeneticOS operating system) will be available for 4 years from the commencement of specific model sales.

Keenetic model
Available updates until

Skipper (KN-1910)
Titan (KN-1810)
Carrier DSL (KN-2111)
Speedster (KN-3010)

December 2024

Carrier (KN-1711)
January 2024
Runner 4G (KN-2210) September 2024
Hero DSL (KN-2410) February 2025

Register your Keenetic device on the Keenetic Account website. Please refer to the article 'How do I register my Keenetic device?'.

To check the warranty status of each of your registered Keenetics, go to account.keenetic.com, log in and then click on the ‘Register your device’ tab: A list of your registered devices and their remaining warranty coverage will appear.


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