KeeneticOS 3.3 Alpha 3

Dev build KeeneticOS 3.3 Alpha 3 of 14-09-2019.

Resolved Issues & Improvements

  • HTTP: fixed port redirection to "This Keenetic"
  • HTTP: added "Secure" flag to the Set-Cookie header in SSL sessions
  • HTTP: added X-Frame-Options "DENY" header
  • HTTP: implemented SSL server autostart unless otherwise configured:
    ip http ssl no enable
  • VPN: fixed Android connection failure with the following symptoms:
  • ppp-pptp: fsm timeout
  • ppp: compressor dropped pkt
  • DNS: fixed DNS-over-HTTPS for "ip policy" members
  • USB: fixed USB-Ethernet adapters support
  • fixed "auto" static routes with the explicit gateway address
  • ACME: fixed compatibility with the new Let's Encrypt CDN
  • OpenSSL updated to 1.1.1d


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