KeeneticOS 3.3 Alpha 8.1

Dev build KeeneticOS 3.3 Alpha 8.1 of 12-10-2019.

Resolved Issues & Improvements

  • Wireguard: added configuration interface in CLI:
    • interface Wireguard0
      • wireguard private-key [private-key] — set a private key manually or automatically (not displayed in running-config)
      • wireguard listen-port {port}
      • wireguard peer {key} — add a remote peer with a public key
        • endpoint {address:port} — set a remote address for outbound connections
        • keepalive-interval {interval}
        • preshared-key {key}
        • allow-ips {address/mask} — add an allowed IP address pool
  • Wi-Fi: implemented WPA3-PSK and OWE support for City (KN-1510)
  • Wi-Fi: fixed 20/40 MHz bandwidth setting
  • Wi-Fi: fixed configuration of the extender's backhaul access point
  • TSMB: implemented WSD and LLMNR discovery protocols
  • Web: added Wireguard section on the "Other connections" page
  • Web: added a warning about missing admin password


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