How do I register my Keenetic device?

When you register your Keenetic, you automatically receive an additional year of warranty service.

A requirement of product registration and additional warranty, as well as a condition for processing a technical support call, is the user's consent to the processing of his personal data, provided by him voluntarily or obtained automatically from the details of his e-mail.

To register your router, go to, and on the Keenetic Account login page, click the Register link.

If you already have the Keenetic Account, enter the e-mail address you specified at registration and the account password in the Email and Password fields, respectively. Press Log in.

TIP: Tip: If you have a Google or Facebook account, you may not need to register but rather connect to a Keenetic Account using one of your accounts. In this case, the registration process will take less time, and you won't need to go through the mail confirmation stage.


Once you have started the registration, please fill out the form with your First name, Last name, Email (in the future, use it as a login to enter Keenetic Account), Country, and Password. Click Register to continue.


Read the proposed legal documents. If you agree with the terms, tick 'I accept the Terms of use' and click Register.

A service message will be sent to the e-mail address you specified.
Find the e-mail from Keenetic Account and click the link to confirm the address, or enter the numeric code from that e-mail on the confirmation page.


At, you will see the user's profile page.

Tap on the Register your device menu. Then click on New device.


Enter the product service tag and click Register.

The service tag is a special identification number of 15 digits printed on the router's back label and is also displayed in its web interface on the System dashboard.


Now your device is registered.


See the Warranty and Service page for information on warranty terms and conditions.

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