Release KeeneticOS 3.3.10

Official release KeeneticOS 3.3.10 of 13-02-2020.

To install the latest version, update the Keenetic from web control panel.


  • DSL: implement DSL SNR margin setting
  • Web GUI on iPad Pro with iOS 13
  • Web: fixed "Port forwarding" page load
  • Web: removed unnecessary "show ip hotspot" requests
  • Web: added 'loading' indicator for folders in the file browser
  • Web: fixed redirect to the "Unsupported browser" page in IE11
  • Web: DLNA TCP port setting not saved
  • Web: Wireguard settings
  • Wi-Fi: fixed Wi-Fi - LAN speed regression for 5 GHz
  • Wi-Fi: fixed AppleWatch connection on FT enabled
  • MWS: connection of extenders via Wi-Fi accelerated
  • MWS: choosing the optimal channel improved
  • IPsec: increased the stability of hardware crypto engine under heavy load
  • IPsec: recovered the compatibility with IP level fragmentation
  • AdguardDNS: fixed errors 'unable to extract domain from request'

Resolved issues

  • Incorrect LED "Internet"
  • Reboots when VLAN and IPv6 component installed
  • Fixed display of clients connected via extender/adapter
  • Unstable TCP-connections when after 3 days uptime
  • AdguardDNS: fixed availability checking
  • Web: downloading files from USB drive
  • Wi-Fi: WPA2PSK+WPA3PSK or WPA3 settings not saved
  • TSMB: rename on case-insensitive file systems

New features

  • Added USB-modem Digma Dongle DW1961
  • Added USB-modem Digma Dongle DMW1969


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