Release KeeneticOS 3.4.1

Official release KeeneticOS 3.4.1 of 14-05-2020.

To install the latest version, update the Keenetic from web control panel.

New features

  • Implemented WebDAV and SFTP servers for remote access to USB storage
  • MWS: implemented backhaul access point shutdown
  • DSL: implemented SNR margin offset configuration
  • DLNA: added access to media through PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec


  • Show signal level and type of 4G/3G network for USB modems
  • Wi-Fi: implemented PMF and WPA3-PSK/OWE support on the Wireless ISP client
  • Wi-Fi: implemented Kr00k (CVE-2019-15126) protection
  • DNS: implemented DNS Rebinding protection
  • SSH: implemented chacha20-poly1305 compatibility and ed25519 key support
  • TSMB: added Change Notification support
  • USB: improved process for safe removing drives before reboot
  • SNMP: fixed vulnerabilities CVE-2020-6058, CVE-2020-6059, CVE-2020-6060
  • OpenVPN: fixed vulnerability CVE-2020-11810
  • OpenSSL: fixed vulnerability CVE-2020-1967
  • Web: show port for wired hosts
  • Web: show gateway address & DNS serves in repeater mode

Resolved Issue

  • Reboots with Transmission for KN-1010, KN-1810, KN-1910
  • Wi-Fi: AP-Client connection on DFS channels (KN-1611, KN-1711, KN-3010)
  • Web: schedule editor for mobile browsers


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