Keenetic Account — the single authentication point for Keenetic services

To ask a question to Keenetic technical support, register your device for an additional year of warranty service, use the Keenetic application on your phone, access the Keenetic Cloud portal — you need to create an account in Keenetic Account.

Keenetic Account is a unified user authentication service to access the Help Center website, Keenetic mobile application, and the web portal Keenetic Cloud.

Account creation

To create an account, go to, and on the Keenetic Account login page click the Register link.

TIP: Tip: If you have a Google or Facebook account, you may not need to register, but rather connect to a Keenetic Account using one of your accounts. In this case, the registration process will take less time, and you won't need to go through the mail confirmation stage.


Once you have started the registration, fill out the form with your First name, Last name, Email (in the future use it as a login to enter Keenetic Account), Country, and Password. Click Register to continue.


Read the legal documents offered, if you agree with the terms, tick 'I accept the Terms of use', and click Register.


A service message will be sent to the email address you specified.
Find the email from Keenetic Account and click the link to confirm the address, or enter the numeric code from that email on the confirmation page.


At, you will see the user's profile page.


Here you can change your email address and personal details.



On this page, you can change your password from your account.


Social Networks

You can set up a connection to your Keenetic Account by adding an account that you already use on Google or Facebook.


Two-Factor Authentication

This page is designed to enable two-factor authentication and configure the authenticator program.

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is a technology that provides user identification by combining two different components, which provides a second level of security for Internet accounts. In addition to authentication by login+password, a user will need to enter a one-time confirmation code. This confirmation code is issued in a special authenticator application.

By enabling two-factor authentication, it will only work via Keenetic Account (not via Google, Apple or Facebook).

NOTE: Important! Enabling two-factor authentication is not required. It's just another way to authenticate a user, in addition to the standard login and password input. But it also has some inconveniences and features in addition to the extra security. For example, if you do not have a mobile device with an installed authentication program, or if it has run out of power at the wrong time, you will not be able to get a one-time code and enter it to connect to your account accordingly. Also, if you lose your phone or delete the application, the service will be hard to access too. In this case, we can restore access to your Keenetic Account by disabling two-factor authentication. To do this you will need to create a request to our support team and send a photo of the label on the back of the device.


To enable the two-factor authentication, you need to configure the authenticator program. Perform the following steps:

1. Install one of the applications on your phone:

2. Open the application and scan the barcode, or enter the key.

If the barcode cannot be scanned, use the following settings, if your application allows you to select them:

Type: Time-based
Algorithm: SHA1
Digits: 6
Interval: 30

3. To generate a one-time code, tap the token created in the application with your finger. Enter the one-time code and tap 'Save' to complete the installation.

TIP: Note: Codes are created based on a key that only you and the server know, and the current time rounded to 30 seconds. Since both components are the same for you and the service, the codes are generated synchronously. This algorithm is called OATH TOTP (Time-based One-time Password).

If the configuration is successful, you will see the message 'Mobile authenticator configured':


NOTE: Important! In the authenticator program, a new token will be created (so-called code generator for a separate account) to connect to the Keenetic Account. Remember that the token is stored only on the device and if you remove the token from the application or the entire application, it will be impossible to restore it, and the account will not be accessible by a one-time code. Do not delete a token from the app!

When you replace the phone, first disable the two-factor authentication in Keenetic Account (click on the 'Delete' icon in the 'Configured Authenticators' section), then install the application (FreeOTP or Google Authenticator) on the new device and enable two-factor authentication again.

After enabling two-factor authentication when logging into Keenetic Account, you will first need to enter your Email and Password:


And then the One-time password that you get from the authenticator program:



This page displays information about Keenetic Account access sessions.


Device registration

Register your Keenetic device by specifying its service tag. For more information, please see How do I register my Keenetic device?


By creating a single account, you will be able to send a request from Help Center and keep the correspondence via a web browser from your account:


connect to the Keenetic Cloud web portal, Keenetic mobile application and Keenetic RMM service:


More information about the portal features you can find in the Keenetic Cloud web portal article.


Articles and instructions on the Keenetic mobile application can be found on our website in the Keenetic App section.

User documentation for the cloud-based service for remote network monitoring and management can be found in the 'Keenetic RMM' section.

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