KeeneticOS 3.6 Alpha 2

Draft version KeeneticOS 3.6 Alpha 2 of 21-10-2020.

You can find instructions on how to install the Draft version in the developers' forum Keenetic Community. All questions about the Draft version are accepted on the specified forum.

Resolved Issues:

  • MWS: fixed extender Wi-Fi connection shutdown;
  • MWS: fixed removal of entries from the device table;
  • HTTP: improved WebDAV compatibility with Far manager and netbox;
  • IPsec: implemented DHCP INFORM support in IKEv2 tunnels;
  • IPsec: fixed crash of the strongswan process;
  • USB: fixed support for the modems:
    • Huawei E8278s-602
    • Alcatel IK40V f/w version 01008
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