Characteristics of Hero 4G(+) and Runner 4G supplied removable LTE antennas

Keenetic Hero 4G+ (KN-2311), Runner 4G (KN-2211) and previous generation models Hero 4G (KN-2310), Runner 4G (KN-2210) come with two removable omnidirectional cellular antennas.


SMA female connectors are used on the housing; the antennas are equipped with an SMA male connector.

The physical dimensions of the complete antennas are shown in the figure (in mm):


Characteristics of the LTE antennas supplied with the package:


824 MHz ~ 960 MHz
1.71 GHz ~ 2.17 GHz
2.3 GHz ~ 2.69 GHz



Standing Wave Ratio (SWR)

≤3.5 Max.

Antenna Gain

824 - 960 MHz: 2 dBi
1710 - 2170 MHz: 3 dBi
2300 - 2690 MHz: 4 dBi



Return Loss

-5 dB Max.

Cable Type


Connector Type

SMA (Male)

Operating Temperature

-40 ~ 65

You can use external directional antennas equipped with SMA male connectors (sold separately) if necessary. For more information, see Connecting outdoor directional antennas to Hero 4G(+) and Runner 4G.


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