KeeneticOS 3.6 Beta 0 (pre-beta)

Draft version KeeneticOS 3.6 Beta 0 of 23-01-2021.

You can find instructions on how to install the Draft version in the developers' forum Keenetic Community. All questions about the Draft version are accepted on the specified forum.

Resolved Issues:

  • LTE: implemented "Data usage & limit" for KN-2210, KN-2310
    • interface {name} traffic-counter enable — enable traffic accounting;
    • interface {name} traffic-counter limit {value} {unit} — set limit in MB, GB, or TB;
    • interface {name} traffic-counter threshold {threshold} — set warning level in percentage;
    • interface {name} traffic-counter monthly {day-of-month} — set the day of the month for automatic counter reset;
    • interface {name} traffic-counter action {limit | threshold} sms-alert phone {phone} — set phone for SMS alerting;
    • interface {name} traffic-counter action {limit | threshold} sms-alert message {message} — set SMS text;
    • interface {name} traffic-counter action {limit} disconnect— disconnect when the limit is reached;
    • interface {name} traffic-counter set {value} {unit} — adjust the counter manually;
    • show interface {name} traffic-counter — view the counter status;
  • DNS: added commands for ignoring dynamic name servers:
    • interface {name} ipsec no name-servers
    • interface {name} mobile no name-servers
    • interface {name} openvpn no name-servers
  • HTTP: added X-Forwarded-Proto and X-Forwarded-Port headers;
  • IPsec: added "strong-aead" (aes256gcm-prfsha384) and "strong-aead-pfs" (aes256gcm-prfsha384-ecp384) modes;
  • IPsec: fixed handling of the DHCP option 249 by the L2TP client;
  • QMI: added support for modems:
    • Alcatel L100V
    • DW5821e (T77W968)
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