Which Keenetic models are suitable for a Wi-Fi system?

Mesh Wi-Fi works with all current Keenetic models (with a KeeneticOS version 3.1 or higher). Any model can act as a controller of your Wi-Fi system or an extender.

Always choose a more advanced router like a gigabit model or the one with USB ports as your main router. If your Internet tariff is higher than 100 Mbit/s, the main router should be a gigabit model like Skipper (KN-1910), Hero (KN-1010), Titan (KN-1810) or Giant (KN-2610). As extenders to it, you can choose Speedster (KN-3010) or Explorer (KN-1611) models equipped with an operating mode selector on the case for quick adding to a Wi-Fi system without preconfiguring. It makes sense to use Speedster (KN-3010) as an extender for a wired connection to the main gigabit router and Explorer (KN-1611) for a Mesh Wi-Fi connection.

Extenders with gigabit ports are very desirable to connect with a wire. It is not even necessary to stick to the "star" topology, you can use a daisy chain connection.

If your Internet tariff is up to 100 Mbit/s and you do not plan to change it for a higher speed, you can choose Carrier (KN-1711) as the main router and add one or more Explorer (KN-1611) models as an extender.

Connecting over the air to get a Mesh network is most effective in dual-band models of the same or close Wi-Fi class and especially 100-megabit models because a 5 GHz backhaul connection is likely to be even faster than over cable. For example, ideal kits start with Carrier (KN-1711) while adding the necessary number of Explorers (KN-1611).

If you rely entirely on Mesh Wi-Fi rather than wire, it is advisable to limit the maximum number of Keenetic devices on the network to five, including the main router. In most cases, models with the same port and Wi-Fi network speeds will suffice. But when it is not the gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi speed that is important, but the budget and the coverage area, the low-cost dual-band models Explorer (KN-1611) and Glider (KN-1511), or even single-band Sprinter (KN-1311) and Starter (KN-1111) will do. Two entry-level routers can easily turn into a Mesh Wi-Fi system with seamless roaming, WPA3 security, network segmentation, and centrallized management.

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