Release KeeneticOS 3.6.1

Official release KeeneticOS 3.6.1 of 11-03-2021.

To install the latest version, update the Keenetic from web control panel.

New Features and Improvements

  • KeenDNS moved to a separate component 'ndns'

  • Fixed configuration output that exceeds the size of 65639 bytes

  • Fixed a bug with mounting an exFAT partition formatted in the MiniTool Partition Wizard

  • MWS: implemented limiting of a working zone for wireless devices

  • MWS: implemented a unique MAC address of the device in additional network segments

  • MWS: implemented sharing of timezone configuration with extenders

  • MWS: enabled PMF security for backhaul connections

  • MWS: implemented backhaul rescanning when a new extender is detected

  • MWS: improved a backhaul access point selection algorithm

  • MWS: fixed traffic forwarding between mt7613-based wireless extenders (KN-1611, KN-1711, KN-3010)

  • Wi-Fi: implemented PMK-R1 pool for sustainable WPA3 FT roaming

  • LTE: implemented 'Data usage & limit' for KN-2210, KN-2310

  • DSL: updated the DMT firmware version to

  • DSL: more detailed diagnostics

  • USB: added support for the modems Megafon M150-4, Alcatel L100V, DW5821e (T77W968)

  • HTTP: implemented Host header enforcement

  • PPPoE: implemented Ethernet link restart after multiple PADO timeouts

  • IPsec: implemented EAP-PEAP authentication for IKEv2 client and server

  • IPsec: enabled aes256-sha256-modp2048 for compatibility with Proton VPN

  • DNS: added ability to fully capture DNS transit traffic and wrap it on the router via the command 'dns-proxy intercept enable'
  • DNS: improved display of the DNS-servers list with multiple internet connections

  • DynDNS: added OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic profiles

  • TSMB: fixed possible crash in processing non-unicode TREE_CONNECT_ANDX

  • TSMB: fixed possible crash with rename on case-insensitive share

  • Web: added extra diagnostics of the DSL connection

  • Web: added service class selection for registered device

  • Web: added LED operation mode and schedule settings

  • Web: increased the limit of entries in ACL

  • Web: fixed a problem with binding a registered device to the connection policy


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