KeeneticOS 3.7 Alpha 1

Draft version KeeneticOS 3.7 Alpha 1 of 20-03-2021.

You can find instructions on how to install the Draft version in the developers' forum Keenetic Community. All questions about the Draft version are accepted on the specified forum.

Resolved Issues:

  • Keenetic SDK support is implemented. See more information here:;
  • Implemented switching to a computationally efficient algorithm for priority packet processing at flow rates above 24 Mbit/s;
  • Enlarged the built-in "storage" partition on NAND-based devices due to previously unused flash memory;
  • USB: redesigned the graceful shutdown of storage devices when removing a drive, or rebooting the system. Fixed xHCI controller initialization;
  • USB: added support for modems:
    • MTS 8430FT
    • Fibocom L850-GL/L860-GL
  • DHCP: allowed to configure routes with destination using Option 121;
  • mDNS: added a command to enforce the "reflector" mode to forward mDNS packets between segments of the home network:
    • mdns reflector enforce — force-enable regardless of segment isolation
    • mdns reflector disable — force-disable regardless of segment isolation
  • Replaced the "interface ip adjust-ttl (set | inc | dec)" command responsible for adjusting the TTL value in incoming IP packets:
    • interface ip adjust-ttl recv {recv}
  • TSMB: fixed compatibility with Sony PlayStation 2.
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