KeeneticOS 3.7 Alpha 6

Draft version KeeneticOS 3.7 Alpha 6 of 23-04-2021.

You can find instructions on how to install the Draft version in the developers' forum Keenetic Community. All questions about the Draft version are accepted on the specified forum.

Resolved Issues:

  • The IntelliQoS component is replaced by the Traffic Classification Engine. It implements the recognition and classification of applications and protocols. "Categories" and "Applications" diagrams appeared in the "Host traffic monitor" of the Web interface. Also, a new item "Application Traffic Analyzer" appeared in the "Status" section. New sections become visible after the "Traffic classification engine" component is installed and the service is enabled via the "service ntce" command. The component works autonomously and does not depend on any external services.
  • Web: the HTTP proxy settings allow you to specify an IP address and FQDN as the destination address;
  • Web: fixed sorting in the "Other connections" section;
  • DLNA: fixed "minidlna: Network interface br1 not found" error;
  • IPv6: fixed automatic configuration of IPv6 addresses on repeaters added to the Mesh system.
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