Adding a network

To add a device, click 'Add network'.


You can add a network in two ways:

1. Using the 'KeenDNS Address' option — a convenient domain name service for remote access.

To connect and configure KeenDNS, follow the 'KeenDNS service' instructions.

2. Or via 'Service Tag' c printed on the bottom of the device.

It consists of 15 digits and looks like: XXXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX

The Login+Password pair must be entered for the device to be added.


NOTE: Important! The router's operating system version must be 3.6.3 or later.

Network Privacy Management

Our service has a feature to control network privacy:

  • Private network — a personal network that is not visible to other team members;
  • Team network — a public network that is visible to team members.

You can set up network privacy:

  • When adding a network — the 'Mark as private' checkbox;
  • On the 'Networks' page — through an additional menu;
  • For several networks at once — through group actions.


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