LTE signal metrics

KeeneticOS 3.7 features graphical signal strength visualization on Keenetic Runner 4G (KN-2210) and Hero 4G (KN-2310) built-in 4G/3G modems.

Go to the 'Internet' > '4G/3G modem' menu, and on the 'Mobile broadband connection' page, press the 'Show signal levels' button.


In the window that appears, you will see a graphical display of the current LTE signal strength.


RSSI — represents the strength of the received signal. Values closer to 0 indicate higher power;

SINR — indicates the bandwidth capacity of the channel. Higher values mean better performance;

RSRP — indicates the strength of the channel signal. Values closer to 0 indicate higher power;

RSRQ — represents the quality of the channel signal. The closer to 0, the better the selectivity.

Further information detailing the above parameters can be found in the 'LTE signal quality parameters' article.

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