Release KeeneticOS 3.6.8

Official release KeeneticOS 3.6.8 of 2021-06-25.

To install the latest version, update the Keenetic from the web control panel.

Resolved Issue

  • USB: added support for Telit LN960, Telit FN980m, Telit LE910C4, Quectel EM160R-GL modems
  • Wi-Fi: fixed CVE-2020-26140 vulnerability (KN-1010, KN-1810, KN-1910, KN-2310, KN-2410, KN-2610)
  • Band Steering: fixed transition of wireless devices by RSSI -127 (KN-1011)
  • Curl: fixed security issues CVE-2021-22897, CVE-2021-22898, CVE-2021-22901


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