KeeneticOS 3.7 Beta 0.4 (pre-beta)

Draft version KeeneticOS 3.7 Beta 0.4 of 01-08-2021.

You can find instructions on how to install the Draft version in the developers' forum Keenetic Community. All questions about the Draft version are accepted on the specified forum.

Resolved Issues:

  • NTCE: fixed deletion of meaningful data when memory overflow protection is triggered;
  • MWS: fixed "unable to reset loop detector" errors in the extender log;
  • MWS: fixed "Rtx::Iapp: unsupported interface" errors in the extender log;
  • Opkg: fixed installation script timeout;
  • USB: added support for modems:
    • Huawei ME906E (HP lt4112)
    • Huawei E5576-320
    • Vodafone K5161
  • USB: fixed Fibocom L850-GL/L860-GL initialization vs. weak mobile network signal;
  • USB: added "id" and "no-content" parameters to the "sms list" command
    • id: list a single message with the given identifier
    • no-content: disable output of message content
  • Web: added the ability to configure DNS servers with an IPv6 address.
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