KeeneticOS 3.7 Beta 3

KeeneticOS 3.7 Beta 3 is released on 2021-09-26 to the preview channel.

To install the preview version, update the Keenetic from the web control panel.

Resolved Issues:

  • Wi-Fi: fixed 80+80 MHz bandwidth mode for Intel 9260/9560/AX200/AX201 clients
  • Wi-Fi: updated the KN-1011 driver version to
  • Wi-Fi: enabled WPA Enterprise component on Buddy 5/5S
  • MWS: disabled extenders' access to the DNS proxy in additional segments
  • DNS: fixed SafeDNS availability check when no additional DNS servers are configured
  • HTTP: fixed cleanup of active management sessions when the password is changed
  • IPsec: fixed automatic IKEv2 tunnel source selection, fixed usage of IKEv2 tunnel as the main Internet connection
  • Web: added a user-defined caption to the UI header and a browser tab
  • NTFS: fixed system freeze followed by a reboot when allocating a large file
  • USB: added support for SimCOM A7600E-H modem
  • Transmission: fixed the display of free disk space
  • DSL: updated KN-2011 and KN-2111 DMT firmware version to


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