How to get information about Wi-Fi clients on a Keenetic router?

Information on devices connected via Wi-Fi can be viewed in the web interface on the 'Client Lists' page.

assoc 1 en.jpg

In this table, you can get the following information (using the third device on the list as an example):

  • Network name of the connected device (dreame-vacuum-p2009);
  • MAC address (b8:4d:43:9c:e4:01);
  • The IP address assigned to the connected device (;
  • Network segment to which the device is connected (Home segment / Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz);
  • Signal strength in relative value (as a graphical scale);
  • Current channel speed of the connection (150 Mbit/s);
  • Connection standard (IEEE 802.11n);
  • Wi-Fi module configuration (1x1 / 1Tx1R);
  • Width of the channel used (40 MHz).

Additional and more detailed information is available via the router's command-line interface (CLI). To get it, run the command:

(config)> show associations
For example:

(config)> show associations


mac: b8:4d:43:9c:e4:01 (MAC address)
ap: WifiMaster0/AccessPoint0 (access point to which the client is connected; WifiMaster0/AccessPoint0 is the 2.4 GHz network, WifiMaster0/AccessPoint1 is the 2.4 GHz Guest network, WifiMaster1/AccessPoint0 is the 5 GHz network)
authenticated: yes
txrate: 135 (channel rate)
rxrate: 150
uptime: 153 (connection time in seconds)
txbytes: 5124
rxbytes: 4329
ht: 40 (channel width)
mode: 11n (Wi-Fi standard; IEEE 802.11n)
gi: 800 (guard interval)
rssi: -53 (signal strength; a measure of the received signal strength; the higher the number, or the less negative it is, the stronger the signal; for more information, see How do I check the signal strength and wireless coverage of my Wi-Fi router?)
mcs: 7 (modulation index and coding scheme)
txss: 1 (spatial stream)
_11n: k
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