Internet drops when Keenetic is connected through a GPON router?

Keenetic in Router Mode is connected to a GPON router. About once a day, the Internet connection is lost (web pages stop opening). How to fix it?

This situation may be due to incorrect operation of the DNS proxy function in the GPON router (ONT), which occurs after resetting the connection session to the ISP server. Some ISPs use tunnel protocols to connect clients (in most cases, PPPoE) and perform forced resetting of the active session (the frequency of disconnection depends on the ISP server settings).

To solve this issue in the Keenetic router settings, perform one of the options:

  • add the address of your ISP's DNS server (you can specify it by contacting your ISP or look in the GPON router settings);
  • add the address of a public DNS server (given that the provider does not block requests to use third-party DNS; for example, the IP address of the Cloudflare public DNS server is;
  • turn on the Cloudflare content filter.

In this connection scheme, when Keenetic is working in the Router Mode and is connected to a GPON router, the IP address of the GPON router will be assigned as the DNS server in the Keenetic settings. If Keenetic specifies the use of the ISP DNS server or public DNS directly, DNS queries will be addressed directly to the specified servers, not to the GPON router DNS proxy.

To add a provider's DNS server or a public DNS server, in the router's web interface, go to the 'Internet Safety' page, and in the 'DNS Configuration' section, click the '+Add server' button. In the 'DNS server address' field, type the IP address of the DNS server (in our example, it is the public DNS server from Cloudflare: and then click 'Save'.


add dns en.jpg

To enable the Cloudflare Internet filter, see Content filtering and ad blocking options.

There are also other ways to connect Keenetic router to GPON router. Keenetic has additional operating modes, such as Extender Mode. When you connect to a GPON router in this mode, the above situation does not occur.

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