Using Transmission Remote GUI to control the router's built-in BitTorrent client remotely

To remotely manage the built-in BitTorrent client, you can install the Transmission Remote GUI software on your computer. Transmission Remote GUI is a program that remotely accesses and controls the Transmission torrent client via the RPC protocol. This software is free and distributed under the GNU GPL license. You can associate torrent files with Transmission Remote GUI and easily add torrents for download.

You can download the Transmission Remote GUI from

Install Transmission Remote GUI on your computer, go to 'Tools' > 'Application options' menu and on the 'Transmission' tab, specify the connection parameters:


If you are using Transmission Remote GUI to manage downloads from your home network, you need to specify the local Transmission web interface IP address of the Keenetic router in the 'Remote host' field (for example, Enable the 'Authentication required' option, specify 'User name' and 'Password'.

If you are using the Transmission Remote GUI to manage your downloads from the Internet remotely, you need to specify in the 'Remote host' field the public IP address of the Keenetic router that your ISP provides for Internet access or the domain name under which the router is accessible from the Internet.
If necessary, you can change the management port number (the default is 8090), which will connect to the Transmission client.

NOTE: Important! To connect to the BitTorrent client Transmission from the Internet, use a public IP address.

On smartphones, tablets, you can use a mobile app to control the BitTorrent client Transmission remotely. For example, Transmission Remote, Torrnado - Transmission Remote.


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