Wireless ACL

A Keenetic router allows you to control access to the wireless network in each local network segment by creating an access list based on clients' MAC addresses. You can create either a White or Black access list. 'Blacklist' - blocks the wireless clients included in it. 'Whitelist' - blocks access for all clients that are not on the list.

NOTE: Important! The access lists are not a substitute for WPA2 or WPA3 authentication in the wireless network; it is recommended to use them together.

You can set up access lists for 2.4 and 5 GHz networks on the 'Wireless access control' page. MAC address-based access lists are configured for segments and apply to access point interfaces included in the segment. Thus, you will not need to register the same new client device on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz access points and when expanding the network with additional Keenetics in the 'Access Point' or 'Repeater' mode on these client devices as well. It will be enough to register the new client once in the Home segment.

By default, wireless access control is disabled in Keenetic routers.

NOTE: Important! Only registered clients are shown in the list of available clients. You can register your client on the 'Client Lists' page or add a new device by clicking the 'Add client' button.

When creating a whitelist, in the 'Home segment' tab, select 'Whitelist' in the 'Access control mode' field. When a whitelist is enabled, all clients registered in the router are automatically selected. You can manually manage clients by ticking and unticking them in the list. Press 'Save'.


When creating a blacklist, you need to select clients by ticking them in the list manually. Press 'Save'.


Access lists for the Guest segment and other custom segments (or additional access points) of the Keenetic router are configured in the same way.

TIP: Tip: When using the whitelist and connecting a new client via Wi-Fi, temporarily disable the whitelist - in the 'Access control mode' field, set it to 'Disabled'. Then, on the 'Client Lists' page, you will see a new unregistered client. Register it and then reactivate the whitelist by adding the new client to the list.

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