The functions of Keenetic buttons and indicators

All models of Keenetic routers are equipped with a Wi-Fi network control wifi-button.pngbutton. By default, this button allows you to easily connect new WPS-compatible devices to your wireless network or turn on/off your Wi-Fi network.
Models with USB storage support also have a FN button(s) fn-button.png on the case with assignable functions. By default, this button is used to safely disconnect a drive from the USB port of the router.

You can select other functions for these buttons in the router's settings. This can be done in the Web configurator, on the 'General system settings' page in 'The functions of Keenetic buttons and indicators' section.


NOTE: Important! The available functions depend on the functionality of the Keenetic router model.

Here is an example of the available functions.

For all models:

  • Switch off the LEDs (indicators) on the case;
  • Enable/disable Wi-Fi network (completely disables Wi-Fi interfaces, all access points become inaccessible);
  • Starting WPS at the access point / client in the 2.4 GHz network;
  • Enable/disable the Wi-Fi guest network (disables only the Wi-Fi guest network).

Additionally for dual-band (2.4 / 5 GHz) models:

  • Launch WPS on access point/client in 5 GHz network (for dual band models).

Additionally for models with USB storage capability:

  • Safe drive removal: unmount the connected USB drives;
  • Quickly search for new media files (directory scan);
  • Media files rescan;
  • Enable/disable the Download Station (Transmission BitTorrent client);
  • Enable 'turtle mode' for the Download Station (client download speed limit);
  • Registration of DECT handsets;
  • Search for DECT handsets;
  • Launch button.d scripts (for OPKG).

Up to 3 actions can be assigned to the Wi-Fi and FN buttons:
1. Short press - up to 3 seconds;
2. Double short press;
3. Long press - more than 3 seconds.

For the 'Reset' button, 2 actions are preset without possibility of change:
1. Short press (hold for less than 3 seconds) - device will reboot;
2. Long press (hold for more than 3 seconds) - device will be reset to factory settings.

The Status LED on the router will help to determine the result of pressing the button. On the 'Enable' command, the LED will flash for 2 seconds. On the 'Disable' command, the LED will flash for 2 seconds and then turn off for 2 seconds.


Some models of Keenetic routers are equipped with an FN LED.


The purpose of this LED can be changed in the router settings. You can do this in the Web configurator on the 'General system settings' page in the 'The functions of Keenetic buttons and indicators' section. By default, it responds to an update for the Keenetic's operating system or to the status of the USB port.


Example of available functions when the FN LED is on:

  • Never;
  • When using an Internet connection: 'Provider';
  • When a backup Internet connection is used;
  • When the device is connected to the USB1 port;
  • If an update is available.

For more information on how to manage all router LEDs, see the 'LED management' instruction.


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