Printing QR code for connection to Wi-Fi network

There is a function in the web interface, available since KeeneticOS 2.14, to print QR codes and other connection information about the Home and Guest Wi-Fi networks.

On the System Dashboard page, in the My Networks and Wi-Fi block, click the 'Show connection info' button.

 QR1 en.jpg

A window will appear with the wireless network information containing the QR code, network name (SSID), and password to connect. Click 'Print' to print this information to a printer.

QR2 en.jpg

By clicking the 'Add logo' button, you can add a company logo or any picture, and then print the wireless network connection information on the printer. Here is an example of Guest Wi-Fi connection information:


The printed page can be placed on the wall or a special stand, so that users (guests) can use the Internet connection via Wi-Fi if they wish.

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