Installing a Preview version of KeeneticOS

You can choose a KeeneticOS update channel in the web interface of the router. For example, you can install a pre-release of KeeneticOS by selecting the Preview channel.

Preview channel allows being among the first to try the latest updates, performance improvements and new features with minimal risk. Preview versions are published twice a month. Installation of the Preview version does not change the warranty and technical support conditions.
The Preview version is an official release of new or updated components that have passed internal testing and are in the final adjustments stage.

NOTE: Important! To update KeeneticOS, you need to have an established Internet connection.

Go to the 'General system settings' page and select the 'Preview' update channel.


Then click 'Install the update' to start the KeeneticOS update process.


An information window with the message 'The device will reboot after installing the updates' will appear. Click 'Confirm'.


The process of updating the Keenetic operating system will begin.

NOTE: Important! Do not turn off the router until the upgrade process is completed.



After the update, your Keenetic will automatically reboot itself.

To access the web interface, refresh the page in your web browser.

Then, on the 'System Dashboard' starting page in the information panel 'About the system', check the current OS version.

TIP: Tip: If for some reason you are unable to update KeeneticOS, please refer to the article Frequently Asked Questions on component installation and KeeneticOS update.

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