Updating KeeneticOS via the mobile application

We release regular updates, making the operating system of your Keenetic faster, more functional and more secure. We recommend using the latest version of KeeneticOS. You can update to the newest version via the Keenetic mobile application.

NOTE: Important! To update KeeneticOS to the latest available version, the router must be connected to the Internet.

1. Launch the application. On the 'Network list' screen, select the device to which you want to connect.


2. Make sure that your router is accessible and available for operation. You should see a green access status icon at the bottom of the 'My network' screen near the router name. Click on the router name to go to its settings.


3. On the main router screen, you will see the current version of KeeneticOS. The icon '!' will appear near the current version number if an update is available. Go to the 'Management' menu and then to 'KeeneticOS' (or click on the version number for a quick jump).



The current version, update channel and update availability status will be specified on the KeeneticOS screen. If an update is available, click the button to install it.


4. If necessary, you can manually change the update channel of KeeneticOS (for example, to install a preview or test build). To do so, tap on the update channel name and select the required one.


There are three update channels available:

Official release (Recommended): Updates in this channel have been fully tested and are recommended for all users. It's updated roughly every two months.
Preview version: Select Preview channel to be among the first to try the latest updates, performance improvements and new features with minimal risk. Preview versions are published twice a month.
Dev build: The Dev channel is updated weekly and shows our community what we are working on right now. Dev builds can sometimes contain bugs.


5. By selecting the update channel and clicking the 'Device firmware update' button, you will see the message 'The device will reboot after installing the updates'. Click 'OK' to confirm or click 'NO' to cancel.


NOTE: Important! The router will reboot during the operating system update. As a result, the connection to the router will be lost for a few minutes but will be restored after booting the device.


6. Wait for Keenetic to boot. In a few minutes, it will be available for management from the application again. Go to its settings.


On the main router screen, you will see the current version of KeeneticOS. Make sure that the router operating system has been updated to the latest version. Go to 'Management' and then to 'KeeneticOS' and check that there are no updates and the newest version of the operating system is installed on the device.



7. If you do not want to check and install updates yourself, we recommend that you enable the 'Automatic updates' option. In this case, the latest version of KeeneticOS will always be installed on your router.


When the automatic update is enabled, Keenetic will automatically perform the update without any notification, and this can happen at any time. Up to KeeneticOS 3.3, it is not possible to choose the time of the automatic update (determined by our server, also based on its workload). Usually, the frequency of auto-updates is about six times a year for the 'Official release' channel. More information can be found in the instructions KeeneticOS automatic updates.

However, starting with KeeneticOS 3.3, we added the ability to set the schedule for automatic updates. In this case, an automatic update will take place within the specified period of time.

NOTE: Important! Once the update is downloaded and installed, the device will automatically reboot. If important tasks are performed on Keenetic (or through it) and forced updating or accidental reboot is undesirable, disable the 'Automatic update' option and install the current version of KeeneticOS manually at your convenience.

If the Keenetic application is enabled to receive push notifications when updating the version of KeeneticOS on the router, the mobile device will receive such notification. For example:


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