Keenetic RMM Beta 3.0 release notes

Keenetic RMM Beta 3.0 of December 16, 2021.

New features:

  • 'Tasks' is new page for monitor and manage process of updating and rebooting. You can find detailed information here;
  • Added the ability to reboot network controllers and group operation to reboot multiple controllers at once;
  • Added the ability to update Keenetic OS to the latest version from the selected channel for network controllers and group operation to update for selected controllers;
  • Information is additionally noticed in the 'Event Log'.


  • Added device widget for the network - now you can see devices and their statuses on the Networks and Location page;
  • Added new information about incoming / outgoing traffic to the Traffic Distribution diagram and introduced new units of measurement for convenience;
  • Updated the filter by Model - we added their codes to router models - now if you have a Giga model with different KN-XXXX codes in your network or networks, you can filter by a specific model and see its name;
  • Improved forms for adding a network 'Add network' and confirming the rights of the network 'Confirm rights' ;
  • Added a filter to the Devices page by device type;
  • Version Beta 2.0 has been stabilized.
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